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The world does not spin without a writer. The root of the diversity problem begins at the writing stage.

We keep using the same five black writers over and over again. I know there are more talented voices out there, but I don’t have time to find them!

I knew I was two weeks behind schedule, but I just didn’t want to hire another white guy to write the script for our live show after 15 years. We need a fresh perspective.

I’ve got tons of experience writing plays in my hometown, but I don’t know how to break into the bigger markets.

Our Why

We have listened over and over to the struggles and frustrations of the earnest voices echoed in the quotes above.

We have been the matchmakers, who in the midst of managing other full-time jobs and demands, enthusiastically tapped personal networks to source a writer for a job someone was looking to fill, but didn’t know where to find them. We’ve run free webinars and events, writer groups and spoke on panels sponsored by corporate-run diversity writing programs. And still the pipeline for fresh diverse storytellers is broken.

So we finally accepted that these ad-hoc, disjointed efforts to solve this global problem weren’t getting it. Companies need fresh voices to write the words and stories that celebrate all of their customers’ truth and lived experiences. Real diversity actually brings more success and makes more money for these companies. Black and diverse writers want to work, and yet many can’t access the consistent education and direct feedback required to elevate their craft, and ultimately the culture. The current lack of organic growth and discovery of new voices creates stale monolithic work for an otherwise nuanced variety of perspectives in our globally connected world. No one wins.

The world does not spin without a writer. The root of the diversity problem begins at the very beginning – the writing stage. Wordsmyth is our solution to this problem at scale.

We are technology and content creation junkies, focused on using our superpowers for good. We see the exponential rise in demand for content that reflects the true and authentic diversity of the end consumer. Whether you are a Hollywood producer, advertising executive or a content manager needing copy for a social media campaign, the tone and messaging in your content matters. We also like to have a good time, keeping JOY firmly rooted at the heart of each day’s efforts.

If this resonates with you, join us now.

Our Founders

Wordsmyth’s founders have a successful track record of building businesses where content creation, platform management and community building has been central to their success. With a combined 40+ years working in the digital media, corporate strategy and business development space, our founders have extensive experience working with both sides of the Wordsmyth marketplace – professional writers and company clients, both large and small. Our team brings a strong understanding of the ever evolving needs of the creative marketplace, and a life’s purpose focused on creating solutions centered on improving the access and inclusion of diverse voices at scale.

Kibi Anderson

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Emmy winning producer and Digital Strategy Executive (Red Table Talk, Bloomberg, ABC News)

Dennis Dortch

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer
Writer/Director/ Showrunner (Co-founder of Black & Sexy TV, Sundance Alumnus)

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