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Despite consistently leading the culture, Black & Diverse talent are often excluded or underfunded.

Maximize our Talents. Pay Us Our Worth.

wordsmyth has a back office for writers

A vibrant, creative and supportive community for and by writers.

As a writer of color you often don’t have a space that’s telling you that your perspective is valid.

It can make you feel discouraged about using your creative talents to support you. And this makes people walk away from their creative dreams.

Wordsmyth provides not just jobs, but also the affirmation, support, and further education for any writer to make their dreams a reality.

Looking for freelance gigs in between jobs or on the side?
Let’s open the door. Let’s write together!

Check out our writer pod programs.

Are you looking to learn a new format or genre, or just improve your writing game overall?

Wordsmyth allows writers to join new, existing, and specialized teams (pods) to meet, learn and collaborate on paid projects and more.

We have pods for all of your interests + focus:

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Find Writers.
Help change the narrative for good.

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